Product Development
Performance Tester Development
Our subsidiary company, Nishi-Nippon Fujikura Co., Ltd. investigates and develops the tester for satellite EPIRB and SART which are for the performance tester of GMDSS and inflatable liferaft. ELT tester applies the technics of Satellite EPIRB tester and is very popular. Nishi-Nippon Fujikura is challenging to develop new technology and new products for the safety of vessel.
Portable Performance Tester
Satellite EPIRB
Portable Performance Tester for SART
Performance Tester for ELT Leak Tester for Inflatable Liferaft
New Product Development
Shimada & Co., Ltd. is eager to develop new products which never be in before. Under the cooperation of relative companies and the long experience as a leading distributor of ship's equipment, Shimada & Co., Ltd. is challenging to realize new products.
Shimada & Co., Ltd. develops new products by long experience and unique concept.