SHIMADA & CO., LTD. was founded as a manufacturer of navigation light in Osaka in 1928 by Mr. Kunitaro Shimada, the first president, and established as a company limited in 1952.
Since then, we have carried full range of marine equipment mainly legal marine products with development and expansion of our business, which is evaluated well by our customers.
Based in our management principle "Harmony and Symbiosis", we intend to pile on our efforts so that our clients and suppliers can enjoy a stable business relationship with us.
It is said that we are entering difficult era. Therefore we return to the starting point, recognizing that our clients and suppliers keep us alive.
Also, we want to be the company in which each employee can be active and unique with spirit of harmony.
We believe each sound and sincere business activity is indispensable for realization of peaceful and safe society, making consistent efforts to be trusted and supported.
We look forward to the plesure of serving you and an opportunity to collaborate.

President Masashi Shimada
Opening Remarks