Nishi-Nippon Fujikura Co., Ltd.
Nishi-Nippon Fujikura Co., Ltd. is doing business of liferaft, inspection and maintenance for several kinds of inflatable liferaft, distribution of distress signal for vessel, medicine, medical equipment, development and manufacturing of saveral kinds of inspection equipment for various kinds of life-saveing Nishi-Nippon Fujikura Co., Ltd.
Business Contents
Company Name Nishi-Nippon Fujikura Co., Ltd.
No.4-2, 3-Chome, Ichioka, Minato-ku, Osaka
552-0012 Japan
TEL:+81-6-6574-4606 FAX:+81-6-6575-3545
President Masashi Shimada
Establish March 1969
Capital \30,000,000.00
Bank of Account Resona Bank, Ltd.
approved by MLIT(JAPAN)
@Inflatable Liferaft
@Marine Evacuation System(FUJIKURA)
@flcrr Safety Equipment
@flcrr Radio Equipment
@Navigation radar
Company Profile
Inspection of Safety Equipment
@Liferaft, Inflatable and Rigid
@Marine Evacuation System(FUJIKURA)
@flcrr Life-saving Equipment
@flcrr Navigational Equipment
@Navigation Radar
@Life boat
@Life boat davit / winch
@Immersion Suits
Maintenance and repair of boat
Manufacture and Development of industrial measuring devices
Sales of Marine Distress Signal
Sales of Medicine and Medical Equipment
Sales and Inspection of Marine Equipment based on ship's Safety Law
and any other business pertaining the above

Inspection of Inflatable Liferaft
Inspection of Satellite EPIRB