Manufacturer : Aerotecnica Coltri S.R.L.
Compact & High Power Air Compressor to recharge EEBD / Breathing Apparatus (BA) / General Air Cylinder of lifeboat on board.
Do you know such convenient Air Compressor to recharge on board?
Most Economical Price will be offered as ship's Compressor in comparison with the other one.
More Speedy Rechargeing 90L/min. , in spite of approx.40 kgs movable light body unit.
Most useful Compressor to recharge 200 BAR BA Cylinder with DIN Type Filling Valve.
An adjustable Compressor to recharge Japanese 150 BAR BA Cylinder by Exclusive 150 BAR
Safety Adapter ( Option ) to avoid extra charging.
( Various Charging Adapter is available as optional equipment. )
With English / Japanese Recharging Manual for various air cylinders.
Inspect every Compressor and Test Report will be issued.
Standerd AC440V and Optional 220V Transformer is available as extra Power Source.
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